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Les restaurants à emporter ou livraison à Paris

Paris: the number 1 city for take-out in France

With some of the world’s most recognizable buildings and monuments, Paris is a must-see city to visit, with an endless array of things to see and do. Situated on the banks of the Seine, the elegant and magnificent capital of France is a romantic place, with beautiful boulevards, beautiful buildings and sites like the Eiffel Tower and the brilliant Sacré-Coeur towering up to the sky. Famous for its cuisine, Paris has a plethora of restaurants to choose from – be warned though, it is very easy to spend a lot of money in a short period of time. From the superb art collections of the Louvre to the strange catacombs under the streets and the breathtaking Notre-Dame Cathedral,

Gastronomy in Paris

As announced above, Paris is the essential place of French gastronomy. You want to taste a Parisian entrecôte at home, look for the best restaurants that offer delivery in Paris, you prefer to take your croque-monsieur, in this case look for restaurants offering take-away in Paris. Gastronomy is one of the reasons why we come to visit Paris, so Restaurant Drive gives you the opportunity to find the restaurant that offers click & collect in order to take your dish to eat it in a magnificent setting like the quays of Seine. You prefer that we deliver it to you, look for restaurants that offer delivery in Paris.

Meal delivery or take-away is also available for specialties that can be tasted quickly between two visits you want the delivery of a Champ de Mars ham and butter it is possible, you prefer to order and take your Macaroons for them. snacking on the road is also possible thanks to click & collect, which is developing more and more among restaurateurs.

Where to eat in Paris: the best neighborhoods


These neighborhoods, not very fun, are perfect if you are looking for a gourmet restaurant (the majority of Parisian 3 stars are in this area). For the rest, there are some good surprises, especially in the 7th (Japanese, rue St Dominique…), even if in general the restaurants in this type of neighborhood are aimed more at the elderly or the business. Indeed in this district many people work there and do not necessarily have time to allow themselves an hour to eat, the delivery of meals as well as the take-out is very present. There are all types of restaurants, Japanese, Italian, vegetarian restaurants and all offer take-away or delivery of your meals.


The center of Paris is a good spot for restaurants. The latter have very varied styles (gastro-bistros, gourmet restaurants, Asian restaurants, etc.) and have the advantage of being cheaper overall than in the West (already the restaurants work for lunch and dinner and cater to a more varied clientele). This gives us that there are more nice restaurants towards Place Vendôme than towards Place Victor Hugo (16th). You will find the Japanese on the rue St Anne side, some nice addresses towards the Grands Boulevards (passage des Panoramas for example), the districts of Montorgueil and the Marais also have a lot of addresses with many vegetarian restaurants in Paris 2nd. In short, find out, but as usual in Paris, do not go there at random. 


The most ambivalent district of Paris. Between rue Saint André-des-Arts (bouis-bouis at 15 euros) and rue des Grands-Augustins (rather hype-gastro), there is a big gap. You have to look carefully, avoid the first prices, reserve … The atmosphere of this part of the left bank remains great and places to have a drink before or after abound. You will find everything there, a bit like in the center of Paris. And it’s also the same situation, gourmet restaurants in Paris 5th place a lot of emphasis on click & collect (take-out of their dish) rather than on the delivery of meals.


The districts which rise in Paris. We can no longer count the good addresses that open in these districts. This is visibly explained by the central position, the rents cheaper than in the center and the emulation around certain streets (Martyrs, Petites-Écuries, etc.). The most interesting restaurants in this area are usually gastro-bistros, there are a lot of them. Many vegetarian restaurants in Paris 9ème which offer take-away sales of their dish, for example, while halal restaurants in Paris 10ème offer home delivery of meals.


It is the golden triangle of Paris. This is where you will find the most nice and not too expensive addresses. The emulation is located in – and around – a triangle formed by the Ledru-Rollin, Faidherbe-Chaligny and Charonne stations. It is not because it is the golden triangle that you just have to walk around and enter the first restaurant you come across, the rule is the same as for the rest of Paris: you have to find out and book. Many Italian restaurants in Paris 11th offer take-away sales of their specialties. Delivery is rather made in this district by vegetarian restaurants in Paris 12th arrondissement.


Historically, Montmartre is a gastronomic nightmare, the temple of sous vide and uninteresting restaurants. This is quite logical, it is very touristy and the majority of tourists do not have an expandable budget. Since 2012, we have seen some interesting addresses open. So be careful, these addresses remain in the extreme minority, so either you know them or you go to another district (this does not prevent you from visiting Montmartre). A few Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris 18th where you can take your meal with click & collect, meal delivery is a little less present in this district.


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Kitchen : Restaurant Végétarien
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Chez Bébert : Restaurant Méditérranéen
Bleu Olive : café brasserie
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Bang Viandes du monde : Restaurant à viande
Chez Rosie : Brasserie
Koto Koto : Restaurant Japonais

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